Dental equipment can be divided into many categories to encompass the types of equipment that every practice needs in order to treat patients as well as the equipment required in practices providing specialized services such as endodontics or oral surgery.
Hadiar Medic offers a variety of Dental equipments from dentistry’s most popular brand names like KaVo, Cadent, Tuttnauer, Air Techniques, Aceton, Midmark, Accutron, Midwest and more. Find special prices on dental equipment and more dental devices, basic equipment such as handpieces, sterilization, portable dental digital camera, and dental digital radiography / X-ray. HadiarMedic is sure to meet all your needs for quality medical equipment!

Now Available for Sale dental equipment in New, Refurbished and Used condition with Warranty.

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Instrumentarium Snapshot Digital Intraoral Sensor Size 1
New In Box Instrumentarium Snapshot Digital Intraoral Sensor Size 1 For Sale Snapshot is a truly ..
Used VELscope VX Oral Cancer Screening System
For Sale Velscope VX Cancer Screening Dental Assessment 4200 Used Like New The VELscope Vx, the l..
VELscope V1 Dental Oral Cancer Detection System
For Sale VELscope V1 Cancer Screening Dental Detection System Used in very good condition Fully f..
Aribex NOMAD Pro HandHeld Dental X-Ray System
For Sale New Aribex Nomad Pro Portable Dental X-Ray System The NOMAD Pro offers an enhanced user ..
$5,290.00 $3,480.00
Carestream CS 3500 Dental Intraoral Scanner
Used Carestream CS 3500 Dental Intraoral Scanner CAD/CAM Acquisition System For Sale Carestr..
$11,450.00 $7,590.00
Used MyRay X-pod WDS Dental Intraoral Sensor Size 2
Used MyRay WDS X-pod Wireless Digital Sensor with MyRay Intraoral Sensor Size 2 for SALE Wireless..
$3,650.00 $2,920.00