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Used Gyrus ACMI PK Technology G400 Generator Workstation 777000 For Sale

The PK Technology G400 Generator delivers a proprietary pulsed RF energy waveform. This allows creation of a broad range of tissue effects for a multitude of surgical applications, giving the surgeon optimal, precise control.

Features & Benefits :

  • Powerful, instant energy delivery
  • Pulsed RF energy
  • Optimal cutting and coagulating effect over a wide variety of tissue types and conditions
  • Dual device ports
  • Compatible with the da Vinci Robot System
  • Provides complete and consistent tissue effect
  • Adjusts current delivery based on tissue resistence
  • Minimal thermal spread and sticking
  • Two instruments can be used during a case with a simple foot control to select desired device for improved OR efficiency.
  • Easy upgrade to enable connectivity

Package Included :

  • Gyrus ACMI G400 Workstation – Ref: 777000

          - Plasma kinetic 'PK' Output : 315-480kHz 200W/150Ω, INT 10s/30s
          - Plasma cision 'PC' Output : 315-480kHz 200W/150Ω, INT 10s/30s
          - Power Requirements : 100-120 / 230V ~ 50/60 Hz, 600VA

  • GYRUS PK Footswitch Ref: 744010
  • PKS Plasma Spatula (952005PK) with cord, 5mm, 33cm

This Gyrus ACMI PK G400 Generator Workstation fully functional, used but in great working condition.

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