Sale KaVo GENTLEpower LUX Contra Angle 25LPA Dental Handpiece zoom
Price: $980.00 $610.00
Brand: KaVo
Product Code: 25LPA
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For Sale New KaVo GENTLEpower LUX Contra Angle 25LPA Dental Handpiece
  • Increasing 1:5
  • Shortest Head in Industry
  • Speed Range Up to 200,000 RPM
  • Internal Air/Water Coolant
  • Friction Grp Push Button Auto Chuck
  • 3-Port Spray
  • Universal "E" Type Connection.
KaVo's GENTLEpower LUX 25LPA speed increasing attachment is several steps ahead of the competition. The GENTLEpower LUX 25LPA features a unique Triple-Gear System (instead of only two gears), which benefits you, the dentist, in the following ways:
  1. The load is evenly distributed on three gears, resulting in less wear on the entire gear system, providing longer life and less repairs.
  2. Gears are manufactured with micron production tolerances, which will translate in no vibration, quietness and best running performance for better overall working conditions.

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