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Used Like New Marco Nidek CP-770 Automatic Chart Projector For Sale

The CP-770 also incorporates a new maintenance-free LED illumination system that produces a brighter, more consistent high-resolution acuity image.

Condition: Used excellent - fully functional
Marco Nidek CP-770 Automatic Chart Projector come with remote control, stand and polarizing glasses.

Since the CP-770 is fully automated with an infrared remote control, the projector can conveniently be mounted out of the way on a wall mount, or on a secure shelf or table. The sensitivity of the infrared system allows you to aim the remote control practically anywhere in the exam room to activate a chart selection. Also standard with the CP-770 is a special projector screen which maintains the polarization effect.
  • A proprietary internal brightness control rheostat allows you to adjust the brightness intensity of the projected image
  • Advanced internal circuitry automatically compensates for any fluctuation in supply voltages or changes in refraction distance.
  • A new optics design for the condensing lens system produces a 30% increase in the overall projected image quality
  • A new LED illumination system eliminates the need for halogen bulbs, making it completely maintenance-free

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