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Brand: Nidek
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Used Nidek LM 1000 Auto Lensmeters Ophthalmic

Brand :    Nidek
Model :    LM1000
S/N : ---
Made In : Japan
Condition : Used Cosmetically looks  good and ready to work, Included Manual.

The Marco LM-1000 Automatic Lensmeter has the latest technology in lens measurement, utilizing 108 points of data through the use of the Hartmann-Shack principle. The Marco LM-1000 with Wavefront technology allows faster measurements on all lenses, with greater consistency and reliability.

The Marco LM-1000 is the world’s first automatic Lensmeter to offer expanded prism measurement range to 20 diopters. The Marco LM-1000 also offers greater versatility in measuring high power progressive lenses. The UV detection data is gathered using a 4 level assessment of the filtering quality of the lens. A new adjustable monitor tilts to 30°, providing easier operation for users while either standing or sitting.

Features :
  • Utilizes Hartmann-Shack
  • Wavefront Technology
  • Automatic Progressive Lens Detection
  • Automatic Measurement Acquisition
  • User-Friendly
  • Automatic R/L Recognition
  • Ergonomic Design
  • UV Assessment
  • Adjustable Monitor
  • Lens Marking System

The Marco LM-1000 also offers unparalleled functionality and performance versatility, making The Marco LM-1000 Lensmeter one of the most advanced automatic Lensmeters available on the market today.

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