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For Sale Olympus ENF Type P3 Flexible Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Rhinolaryngoscope.

This Used Olympus ENF-P3 Rhinolaryngoscope fully functional, tested and in great condition. Flexible fiber optic scope has No broken fibers,clear view. Up/Down articulation.

For Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors, the ability to see down the throat of their patients is a must. Not being able to do so would make them a plain Ear, and Nose doctor. A title that is just not that fun. With this Olympus ENF-P3 Laryngoscope Rhinolaryngoscope, they can see down your throat and do a better job of diagnosing any issues you may have with your throat. After all, not being able to see what is going on makes it rather hard for a doctor to diagnose any issues. That is why this flexible Laryngoscope Rhinolaryngoscope can be an effective tool for any doctor interested in the throat.

  • Resolution increased by approximately 33%
  • Brightness increased by approximately 48%
  • Angulations are now 130 degrees in both directions

Specifications :

  • Diameter: 3.6mm
  • Working Length: 26cm
  • Field of View: 85 degrees
  • Angulation Range:  Up: 130, Down: 130

Olympus ENF-P3 flexible laryngoscope rhinolaryngoscope come with case and 12 month warranty.

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